The Olympic Theater and Café is a unique non-profit organization located in Arlington, Washington with a dynamic purpose. We desire to establish a quality venue whose profits are entirely given away to local, national and world-wide charities. We desire to provide a launching pad for community service in Arlington and inspire other communities to do the same.

On the main drag of Old Town Arlington, sits the Olympic Theater, a city landmark since 1939. The theater retains its vintage character and is a local attraction. However, with the movie industry's complete conversion to digital, the iconic Olympic Theater is facing closure.

Our non-profit organization was established with the goal of purchasing the Olympic Theater and the empty restaurant adjacent to it, in order to preserve a piece of history for the city of Arlington, create a café venue and community hot spot all wrapped up with an incredible purpose.

The Olympic Theater and Cafe will be a preserved vintage theater for movie-goers and an upbeat coffeehouse gathering place. It will be a destination for community connection as well as a venue for movies, concerts, meetings, etc. It will be a source of provision to local charities by donating 100% of its net profits to charities such as the food bank, various shelters as well as national and international charities like Compassion First and World Vision. The Olympic Theater and Café will be a force making a difference in this community and beyond.

We know that Washingtonians love their coffee and are also captivated by an engaging story on the big screen but we believe that it's even more exciting to be a part of the story. You are invited to join us on this awesome mission!

We believe it's all about connection – community – change.


This concept is unlike anything in the surrounding area. We believe that there is a great opportunity to not only provide product that people love, Coffee and movies, but to also open the door for something else people love – mission.

Your involvement is the first step for the success the mission. The initial phase of this adventure involves securing the buildings. A $140,000 down payment is required: $80,000 of which has already been contributed! We will then move towards a build out phase. Thank you for joining hands with us in bringing forth a dynamic place with a dynamic purpose!

(note: all contributions are tax deductible)

Founders Club

  1. Tall

    $500+ donation –
    Let us show our appreciation with a Grande sized drink a month for life!

  2. Grande

    $1000+ donation –
    Let us show our appreciation with a Grande sized drink and two movie tickets a month for life!

  3. Venti

    $2500+ donation –
    Let us show our appreciation with a Grande sized drink a week and two movie tickets a month for life!

  4. Trenta

    $5000+ donation –
    Let us show our appreciation with a Grande sized drink a day for life and two movie tickets a month for life!

Donate at any of the founder levels and you will receive a personalized ID card to present to receive your free coffee and/or tickets as well as a personalized coffee mug, located on the founders wall that will be yours to use every time you stop by.


We definately want to hear from you and answer any questions you might have. So please send us a note and we will get back to you!

The Team